Edible Oils & Fats

We are working with all leading manufactures across leading Producing countries for all types of Edible Oils. With our Constant learning and collective experience in understanding various Oil types / their Price movement with respect to each other / market usage pattern / future trends, we always aim to help our buyers with the best value.

We will ensure that the best quality product is delivered to you at the best possible price.

Our offerings are as under:

RBD Palm Olein (RBDOL) RBD Sunflower Oil (SFO)
RBD Palm Stearin (RPS) Crude Sunflower Oil ( SFO)
Palm Fatty Acid Distillate (PFAD) RBD Soybean Oil
Crude Palm Olein ( CPO) Soybean Meal & Cakes
Palm Kernal Oil ( CPKO) Soybean Seeds
Palm Kernal Cake ( PKC) Ground Nuts
Palm Kernal Shell ( PKS) RBD Coconut Oil

Our Standard Packings are as under:

Packing Details
In Break Bulk Tanker Full Vessel Loads/ Partial Vessel Loads
In Bulk In Flexi Tanks ( with or Without Heating Pad)
In Bulk In Drums (HDPE/TIN)
Bulk Consumer Packs 25Lt/20Lt/10Lt/ 4x5Lt HDPE Jerrycans
Bulk Consumer Packs 18Lt/20Lt Tins (With or Without Outer Carton)
Consumer Packs 5Lt/3Lt/2Lt/1Lt/900Ml/800Ml/500Ml/250Ml in PET Bottles

For product Specifications & Detailed Packings Please write to us :
sales@livehappyfoods.com Or purchase@livehappyfoods.com